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Double data from O2

Give your customers double data on O2’s Big Bundles and Rolling Plans.

Customers can get 14GB for £10 or 40GB for £15 for up to three months.

Available from 6 April to 28 June

O2 sims

Big Bundle tariffs

O2 tariffs

How do my customers get the new Big Bundle allowances?

New customers will automatically benefit from the new promotional allowances.

Existing customers will need to text DOUBLE to 2424 to opt in, they will receive the increased Big Bundles promotional allowance upon their next Big Bundles start date.

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Updated POS from Core

Your Core Retail Sales Manager will visit your store to add promo hats to you SIM wallets and provide you with a poster to promote the new customer tariffs.

New sim wallets

O2 Sims

Promotional A3 poster

O2 poster

If you need more information on O2’s new tariffs, ask your Core Retail Sales Manager or call Core Sales Support on 020 3925 5060.

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Always great commission on O2 sims

Keep selling O2 sims and earning great commission – £31 per sim for our highest connecting stores! o2 commission Back to top

Network benefits of O2

Rolling plans

For even more data and international minutes

NEW Rolling plans are the easiest way for your customers to pay without a contract. Customers can set up a recurring payment plan to ensure their Big Bundles allowance is automatically renewed every month. Customers will receive an additional monthly data allowance on top of the standard Big Bundles allowance.

Priority app

Your app for invites to live experiences and perks everyday

Exclusive access to tickets, offers, experiences and competitions on Priority. Customers just need to activate Priority using their O2 mobile phone number on the app or website to access all of its perks.

Data rollover

Carry over your unused data to the next month

Customers can carry forward up to 100% of their standard monthly data allowance into the following month. Unused data will carry over automatically, up to double the standard data allowance. If they do not renew their bundle, or if they move to another tariff, any unused or rollover data will expire immediately. Promotional data is excluded from Data Rollover.

O2 rewards

Get up to 10% of your top ups back every three months

New Customers If they have opted into O2 Rewards, new customers will earn 5% back on all top-ups every three months, increasing to 10% after six months.

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Terms For full Pay As You Go Big Bundles terms and conditions, including links to terms for Rolling Plan, Priority, O2 WiFi, EU Roaming and O2 Rewards, Promotions and Competition Terms, see

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