Retailer Terms and Conditions – Supply of PAYG SIMs

  1. SIMs that are connected, topped up with a minimum of £5, have made a chargeable event and are not subsequently clawed back by the network are eligible for commission as illustrated in your commission scheme table.
  2. Incentive applies to connections achieved in a single pay cycle (usually a month).
  3. The minimum connection threshold is 1 SIM connection in a pay cycle. Should the minimum level of connections fail to be reached in a pay cycle then all connections will expire. For the avoidance of doubt no commission is payable for connections below the minimum threshold.
  4. Payments are generally made by cheque in accordance with the details held on the Core customer database. In some cases, payments may be made via other means, cash/vouchers/credit. In such cases, customers will be informed prior to commissions being paid. Where payment is made by an alternative means including but not limited to, vouchers and ‘e-wallet’ credit, Core takes no responsibility or incurs any liability for balances held between the Retailer and the provider of the credit and/or the operator of ‘e-wallet’ services.
  5. Cheques will not be written for commission amounts below £50 unless specifically requested. In no circumstances will cheques be written for less than £25.
  6. Core reserves the right to not pay commissions and reset customer balances to zero if the customer has not generated any SIM connections or purchased any products from Core over a period of three calendar months.
  7. Any disputes must be raised in writing to Core Communication Retail Limited, 101 Devonshire Business Centre, Aviary Court, Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8PE.
  8. The Core and network promotional material provided must be visible at all times in the shop. If the material is removed then commission may not be paid. Regular checks will take place to ensure continued presence of the promotional material in the shop.
  9. All Core SIMs must be displayed at all times. The Core SIM stands (or equivalent) should only display/hold SIMs provided by the Core team. Any other SIMs found on the SIM stand will be removed from the stand and will be handed back to the customer. Regular checks will take place to ensure the continued presence and proper use of Core SIMs and stands in the shop.
  10. Claw backs All claw backs from the network will be passed on to the customers. Any disputes with regards to claw backs need to be submitted in writing to the address mentioned on this website.
  11. Core may withhold commissions when suspect claw backs are flagged by the networks. Core will only release commissions once it receives final confirmation from all networks and may claw back commission (up to 24 months) whenever reported as such by the networks.
  12. Core is under no obligation to pay commission unless and until it has received payment in full for the connections from the network.
  13. Commission is calculated according to SIM revenue and top-up data provided by the networks. Core will assume an average top-up rate per SIM based on the revenue achieved where no top-up data is provided by the network.
  14. Core has the right to change or alter the terms (including commission amounts or the minimum threshold) with immediate effect.
  15. Core has the right to refuse supply at its discretion.
  16. Core has the right to withhold stock and/or payment if it is found that the SIM packaging has been tampered with or if the SIMs have been topped up or used fraudulently as described by the networks.
  17. The contract is ongoing until ended by either party.
  18. Unless stated otherwise all amounts referred to above are inclusive of VAT. If you are VAT registered it is your responsibility to raise VAT invoices for this commission unless you have signed a self-bill agreement with Core Communication Retail Limited.