Core Bolt Large Slatwall Bundle

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Product Details

Product Information

This modular slatwall display kit can be used horizontally or vertically to make the best use of your available wall space
Each kit comes with pre-cut slots for hooks and tape fixings

Perfect for medium or large shops with limited floor space

Bundle includes

  • 3 x category slatwall panels
  • 3 x slatwall header panels (Core)
  • 100 products

Please note this kit does not contain any slatwall hooks

Retailer profit: £1000+

Price shown includes discount

RRP price includes VAT


Horizontal set up

  • Total width: 360cm
  • Heigh: 75cm
  • Product facings: 40
  • Total products included: 100

Vertical set up


  • Width: 120cm
  • Total height: 195cm
  • Product facings: 40
  • Total products included: 100