Three 100GB £20

Give your customers more for their money with New Pay As You Go from Three

New Data Packs offer great value, including 20GB data and unlimited calls and texts for just £15

Three data packs

Customers can can switch to a different Data Pack the next month for ultimate flexibility

Three SIMs


Three will stop paying commission on any old three SIMs from 1st November

Make sure you only stock and sell new Three SIMs

Three SIMs

What’s new for your customers with Three’s new Supercharged Data Packs

Ultimate flexibility for your customers

  • Customers can choose as much monthly data as they want, and get unlimited minutes and texts included.
  • They can switch to a different Data Pack the next month for ultimate flexibility.

Customers can stay in complete control using the Three UK app by...

  • Setting up auto-renew of their Data Pack.
  • Buying a Data Pack or topping up faster than ever before.
  • Tracking their spend and usage instantly.

Other ways to top up

  • Buying Data Packs and Add-ons is now available to customers on the 444 service
  • If your customers prefer to buy a Top-up voucher, they can redeem it by calling 444 from their Three phone, select top up by voucher and enter the 16-digit number printed on the receipt. 
  • Remember, however your customers choose to top up, if it’s a Core registered SIM for your shop, you’ll earn commission.

Three new Supercharged Data Packs promo items

Look out for your promo poster and flyer from your Core Retail Sales Manager, with all the details of Three's new Data Packs and how your customers can get 20GB for £15.

Your Core Retail Sales Manager will also add promotional SIM hats to your SIM stock.

Look out for your counter mat in the post, or check with your Core Retail Sales Manager.

Three POS

Core is here to help if you need more information on Three’s new Data Packs. Ask your Core Retail Sales Manager or call Core Sales Support on 020 3171 1777.

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Earn great commission on Three SIMs with Core

Three commission

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