Three New Data Packs

Winter Data Deal

Give your customers more data with 60GB for £15 or 120GB for £20

Available until 1 February 2024

Three auto-renew tariff
Three winter Data Boost

Look out for your brand new £10, £15 and £20 Three SIM toppers and your Winter Promo pack

Your Core Retail Sales Manager will visit your shop with new SIM toppers, and help you set up your POS

Three POS

Core is here to help if you need more information on Three’s Data Packs. Ask your Core Retail Sales Manager or call Core Sales Support on 020 3925 5060.

Top-up options for your customers in store

  1. Generate and sell the customer a top-up voucher
  2. Ask the customer to put their new Three SIM into their phone
  3. They will receive a text message with their new phone number
  4. To convert the top-up into a Data Pack, the customer can download the Three Pay As You Go app, call 444, or visit

Data Packs and Data Add-ons for your customers

Your customers can choose as much monthly data as they want, and get unlimited minutes and texts included.

They can auto-renew to get the same Data Pack automatically every month, or switch to a different one.

If they run out of monthly data, they can purchase a Data Add-on.

Remember, however your customers choose to top up, if it’s a Core registered SIM for your shop, you’ll earn commission.

Earn great commission on Three SIMs

Core is rewarding £15 and higher first top ups with up to double bonus and a higher first top up total
Earn up to £11 on each Three first connection and up to £31 per Three SIM with Core

Three commission

Terms See for full T&Cs.

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